Connected Experience

Voice, image and data usage patterns recognition combined with Machine Learning and AI to map experience along travel routes, helping to ensure the high-quality, always-on network & connected experience.

Connected Drivers

Connect to web apps and 100's of connected smart home devices. Connect Tesla enables you to check on your email, reply SMS, control your home alarm or adjust your thermostat right from your Tesla screen.

Car to Car Communication

Connected to other cars on the road to make driving much safer. Combined with predictive analytics and smart systems to substitute for a driver in case of emergency

Predictive Analytics

End-to-end route analysis along with places of interest and highway traffic speed and congestion patterns

Connect to your home, business & life

Whether it is lighting or thermostat control or emergency notifications, Connect Tesla enables you to connect your car to your world. 400+ compatible smart devices integration using IFTTT

Personalize Your Experience Today.

Make the telemetry data, logs, analytics and machine learning to create a truly immersive and unified personal experience.